7. William GARNER was born on 12 Jun 1784 in ENGLAND. He was christened on 30 Jun 1784 in Kirton-in-Holland, Lincolnshire, England.(11) He died on 8 May 1855. He has Ancestral File number 1PKK-NVD. William was an Innkeeper. He operated the Red Cow Inn at Sutterton, a little town South of Boston towards London, England.

According to Gladys Garner Wiltse, William had 10 children with his first wife Ann and another 9 children with his second wife Sarah.

Batch #: P006071, Source Call #: 094062

He was married to * Ann BRAND(BRANT) on 20 Jun 1806 in Lincolnshire, England.(1) * Ann BRAND(BRANT) was born on 17 Mar 1789. (1) She died after 1826. The only record in the LDS British Isles database for an Ann Brand on the 1789 date is the Christening of an Ann Brant on 15 May 1789 in Edingale, Stafford, England. William GARNER and * Ann BRAND(BRANT) had the following children:

child13 i. Ann GARNER was born in 1808. She was christened on 13 Oct 1808 in Kirton-in-Holland, Lincolnshire, England.
child+14 ii. William GARNER.
child15 iii. Harriet GARNER was born in 1813. She was christened on 13 Jan 1813 in Kirton-in-Holland, Lincolnshire, England.
child16 iv. Elizabeth GARNER was born in 1815. She was christened on 12 Mar 1815 in Kirton-in-Holland, Lincolnshire, England.
child+17 v. Abraham GARNER.
child+18 vi. John GARNER.
child+19 vii. Cornelius GARNER.
child+20 viii. Samuel GARNER.
child+21 ix. Moses GARNER.

He was married to Mrs. William (Sarah) GARNER about 1836 in ENGLAND. Mrs. William (Sarah) GARNER was born about 1784. William GARNER and Mrs. William (Sarah) GARNER had the following children:

child22 i. Adam GARNER was born about 1837 in ENGLAND. He was christened on 23 Apr 1837 in Sutterton, Lincolnshire, England.
child+23 ii. Jacob GARNER.
child24 iii. Isaac GARNER was born about 1841 in ENGLAND. He was christened on 6 Jun 1841 in Sutterton, Lincolnshire, England.
child25 iv. David GARNER was born about 1843 in ENGLAND. The 1861 British census listed David as living as a "lodger" in the home of Ann Darby in Sutterton. He was christened on 16 Feb 1843 in Sutterton, Lincolnshire, England.
child26 v. Eve GARNER was born about 1844 in ENGLAND. She was christened on 25 Dec 1844 in Sutterton, Lincolnshire, England.