19. Donna May FRANCIS was born on 24 Jun 1916 in Detroit , Wayne County, Michigan/USA. She died on 8 Sep 1968 in Midland , Midland County, Michigan/USA. Donna May died of complications due to a five year battle with breast and bone cancer. She was buried in Memorial Gardens, Sanford, Michigan.

She was married to Roy Graves GARNER (son of Leroy Douglas GARNER and Bertha Alida GRAVES) on 24 Jun 1934 in West Branch, Ogemaw County, Michigan/USA. Roy Graves GARNER was born on 8 Aug 1912 in West Branch, Ogemaw County, Michigan/USA. He died on 27 Jan 1997 in Midland , Midland County, Michigan/USA. Roy and Donna bought the 2.5 acres of property South of Sanford, Michigan from Donna's second cousin Keith Owen. Keith's brother Floyd lived next door on the other half of the five acre plot. Two 18' x 24' U.S. Army tents were on concrete slabs as living quarters. Donna May FRANCIS and Roy Graves GARNER had the following children:

child+27 i. Joseph Lee GARNER.
child+28 ii. Sally O'Nance GARNER.
child+29 iii. Melody Ann GARNER.
child+30 iv. Douglas Earl GARNER.

Louie Douglas BEDTELYON (son of Jay John BEDTELYON) was born in 1910. He died on 4 Sep 1994 in Gladwin, Gladwin County, Michigan/USA. He was buried on 7 Sep 1994 in Selkirk Cemetery, Selkirk, Churchill Township, Ogemaw County, Michigan. Louie and Donna May Francis never married. Donna May FRANCIS and Louie Douglas BEDTELYON had the following children:

child+31 i. Marilyn Elizabeth REECE.