41. Leroy Douglas GARNER Photo was born on 17 Oct 1886 in Denmark Township, Tuscola County, Vassar, Michigan/USA. He died on 19 Feb 1957 in West Branch, Ogemaw County, Michigan/USA. He has Ancestral File number 1PKJ-TNV. When "Lee" was sixteen his Mother died and his Father Moses asked him to take over operation of the farm while he "looked" for a new wife. Lee ran the farm until after he married Bertha Graves. His father-in-law, Marcellus Graves, suggested he buy the jewelry business his brother-in-law Cassius owned in West Branch. With money borrowed from Moses and Marcellus, he and Bertha bought the store in West Branch and started a long and successful business shared initially, with his sister-in-law, Lena. Lena was an Optometrist and was instrumental in Bertha going to Michigan State to become one also.
Lee owned a cottage on Clear Lake that I visited a few times but had to sell it, at a large profit I was told, to some people in Saginaw to pay back money owed to his father Moses. Moses wanted the money to help support his wife Katy after his death as a pension.

He was married to Bertha Alida GRAVES (daughter of Marcellus Chase GRAVES and Mary Alida NORTON) on 14 Apr 1908. Bertha Alida GRAVES Photo was born on 28 Jan 1887 in Arbela, Thetford Township, Tuscola County, Michigan/USA. She died on 7 Nov 1963 in West Branch, Ogemaw County, Michigan/USA. She has Ancestral File number 1PKJ-RL4. Attended Michigan State College at East Lansing, Michigan. Was an Optometrist sharing the same store with her husband Lee. Leroy Douglas GARNER and Bertha Alida GRAVES had the following children:

child+47 i. Roy Graves GARNER.
child+48 ii. Glenn Elmer GARNER.
child+49 iii. Gerald Alfred GARNER.